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Intuitive Art Classes

Scattered Paintbrushes

The pandemic was an intense time that brought me to a place where I had to completely transform the way I was doing business and how I wanted to serve others. It was not easy to grind to a halt and let all the fears arise, but I did it, and I'm so glad I did! I learned so much about myself in this process. Especially cultivating resilience, authenticity, perseverance, and letting go of shame, guilt, and judgments. I allowed myself to get real and follow my heart.

I learned that more than anything else I wanted to have fun, I wanted something to do that inspired me and gave me hope.

Healing suffering through art is powerful! It's also fun! It's empowering and filled with magical experiences, that keep you present and informed. It also creates new neural pathways and releases the feel-good chemicals in the brain.

I think most, if not all of us are ready to laugh, feel more joy, hope, and inspiration.

This is why I decided to create simple art techniques and tools to help people move through the emotional healing process. Not only will you be given creative ways to rewrite your stories and life experiences into powerful anecdotes full of wise and sacred medicine, but you will also find ways to use art to expand your concept of who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Explore and experience how empowering it feels to be your own inner: healer, wise one, warrior, and mystic. Learn to fully trust your intuition, find clarity, solid direction, and ways to shift your emotional state quickly using simple art techniques.


No Prior Art Experience Necessary.

Simply arrive with an Open Mind and Open Heart.

I'll Support You the Whole Way Through!

Come Ready to Have Fun, Meet New Friends, and Feel Accepted Exactly as You Are!

Walking Through Grief

Find ways to release, honor, and move through the grief process.

Garden of the Heart

Animal Wisdom

Connect with your Power Animal and ignite the wisdom they wish to share with you. 


Illuminate You

Let go and release what no longer serves/honors you, and allow more light and joy into your life. 


Listen For Your Mission

Find your sacred purpose.


Embrace The Elements

Heal your connection with each element and watch your life fall back into harmony.


Inner  Sanctuary

Create your own Inner Sanctuary where you experience deep peace, clarity, comfort, and inner guidance.

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