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Deborah Ward


"I am a Personal Development Mentor, Holistic Practitioner, Visionary Artist, Creativity Coach and Intuitive Art Teacher~"

     My passion is art, healing through art, and helping others creatively transform their lives. I believe that through art and creativity humanity can release what binds them and liberate their true power and potential. Since we are all sparks of the Divine, being an artist is our birthright. When we tap into our creative abilities we are aligned with our Soul’s power and can access inner and outer wisdom in a way that can be absolutely life changing. Painting as a sacred act, is a process of deep and profound healing, it allows us to access our own inner healer, wise woman/man, inner parent, warrior and so much more…When we start to paint we enter a world that is no longer plain, everything lights up and becomes magical, all of our senses are turned on high, and we can see and feel things we never thought were possible, but they are!

     When I paint I feel most alive, I am fully present. I bring everything to the canvas and it graciously holds it for me as I process and receive insights. All emotions are welcome and accepted, nothing is turned away. When I drop fully into my heart and trust this process,  some of my greatest lessons and epiphanies have come forth.

     This is how I pray, meditate, and touch other worlds and dimensions, opening up this life into something magical, filled with beauty and light. This form of art is like tapping into an infinite wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, magic, beauty, and potential. It's my favorite way to find my deepest most authentic parts of myself and connect with the divine. I have found liberation through creativity again and again, as each layer of old patterns, limiting beliefs, and conditioning drop away.

     In addition to being an artist, I have trained extensively in the energy healing arts. I love writing poetry, enjoying walks in nature, exploring, storytelling, gardening, traveling, and spending time with my family, friends, my two sons, my love, and my sweet little dog Luna.

     I am certified as an Art of Allowing Facilitator, Kabbalistic Teacher, D.O.V.E. Practitioner, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Art Guide, Personal and Spiritual Development Coach, Aromatherapy Practitioner, Creativity Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Pranic Healing Practitioner. 

. My mission is to create transformational workshops, classes and retreats to assist others in the awakening of their inner artist, sacred purpose, and powerful light and wisdom within.

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