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Art For The Animals

Heal Yourself = Heal the Animals


I'm passionate about helping animals in need and protecting them. Ever since I was a little girl I felt connected to animals. It was as if I could feel their heart speaking to mine. Any chance I could get I would spend time watching them or playing with them. If I saw an injured animal it would hurt my heart and I felt compelled to help them. Some of my best memories have been when I've been surrounded by nature and wildlife. In a lot of ways I've felt like I could connect better with animals than people at times. I have always felt an urgency to protect our environment and help the animals in any way we can. There has been so much damage done to our climate and there are so many endangered species and animals suffering because of it. I feel it is our duty to right these wrongs and make this world a healthier, kinder, more compassionate place for them.  Each animal has a right to be here, to live a full, safe, and healthy life. They haver a right to be respected, honored, and protected. My hope is that by educating the public and showing them that animals have great wisdom and teachings for us all, we will cohabitate alongside them peacefully. 

 I'm happy to say that I've recently began to volunteer at Nature's Nursery. It's a nonprofit organization that helps rehabilitate injured or orphaned wild animals. I am in constant awe at the level of kindness I've witnessed this organization display. I've taken several injured animals there myself, and they were so compassionate and helplful through the whole process. My love for animals has led me to merge my business with helping to support animals in need. Which is why I have decided to donate a portion of my art, art classes, healing sessions, and creativity workshops to Nature's Nursery.

I will be donating 15% of every sale, class, workshop, and session to Nature's Nursery. 

If you would like to read more about what they do, please visit their website.

To donate to them directly:

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