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Bee In Your Heart

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Creativity Is The Pathway Into Your Soul.

Welcome To My Bee Hive!

My name is Deborah and I'm a Visionary Artist, Creativity Coach, and Personal Development Guide. I love inspiring others to find their joy, vitality and passion for life. I believe that creativity is the key to our emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. It taps into the infinite wellspring of life force energy that we all have flowing through and all around us. 

 Through fun and easy heart opening creative practices, I support you in letting go of limiting beliefs, worn out patterns, and self sabatoge, in order to live the life you imagined, filled with joy, excitement, inspiration, and happiness. A life where you learn to trust your own inner healer and wise one.  

It's an honor to show you the tools that helped me along my path and so many others that have embraced these creative practices through the years.

Let me help you awaken your inner intuitive artist!

Intuitive/Intentional Art is all about trusting your own inner guidance.

Intentional Creativity is the most powerful and exciting technique that I've ever experienced when clearing difficult emotions and trauma. It helps to release toxic patterns, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behavior, all while gaining more joy, courage, hope, clarity and wisdom into your life. It's empowering to create something from nothing, trusting your own internal guidance, and engaging your body, mind, and spirit. The canvas acts as a loving altar full of acceptance where no emotion is turned away. In return, the beauty that reveals itself is beyond measure. This is a journey of the heart, stepping into the Great Mystery, where your intuition leads you to your inner healer, warrior, and wise one.  This is also the path of staying present, where you have access to an infinite supply of life force energy. The treasures found while diving deeply into your creativity will gift you with blessings you never could have imagined, and you will never be the same again...

Wet Paintbrushes

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